How can I view one of your houses?

On our website we have walk through videos of each property; please view these first.  We have an arrangement with our  tenants that if anyone is interested in the property that they can knock on the door and ask  if you can have a look around the property, but please be aware this may not always be a convenient time.  If that’s the case, then please  contact us either by e-mail or telephone, the details for this are on each page. We will then be able to arrange a viewing of the property or properties of your choice, but please allow us a short time to liaise with our current tenants to make sure the suggested time is convenient for them too.

I would like to rent one of your houses, what do I do next?

Please view the copy tenancy agreement (copy available under ‘Tenant Information’) and read it thoroughly.  If you decide you would like to rent one of our properties its easy!  Just click on the photo of the relevant property you are interested in and follow the application process.  Contracts will then be generated and sent out electronically to each individual tenant.  Please note we also require a refundable deposit of one month’s rent from each tenant  (payable by bank transfer).

Our Tenant and Guarantee Contracts can only be signed electronically with an uploaded signature which must be in jpeg,jpg,png or gif format and submitted via our online system. Please do not print out/sign them.

How to create an electronic signature
To create an electronic signature for uploading, write your signature on a piece of paper. Using your mobile phone, open your camera app and take a photo of your handwritten signature. Send the photo from your phone to your email address. Once received, save the image to your computer then insert it into the document.

We do not reserve or hold a property. We work on the basis that the first complete group of applicants to complete, sign and return their signed Joint and Several Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, the Guarantor Guarantee form and their deposit, will usually secure the rental. Until that time the property will still be available for rental by other interested parties.

If you do delay in returning the Agreements and have transferred the deposit(s), and in the meantime another party secures the property, we will notify you and arrange for your deposit(s) to be returned to you immediately.

Rents are payable one month in advance.  The First rent payment date for UK tenants is 1st June.  The First rent payment date for International tenants is 28th March.

Why do I have to show my landlord my passport, student visa, or other immigration documentation?

From 1 February 2016, landlords, homeowners, and Letting Agents are required by law to ensure that someone has the right to rent in England before letting them a property. Please see here for more information about the Immigration Right to Rent Checks.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

We take a deposit to cover against any damage to the property during your tenancy. We will thoroughly inspect properties at the beginning of a tenancy and an inventory will be completed. When it comes to moving out, the house will be inspected again. You can make it easy for us by ensuring the house is in the same condition as when the tenancy began (allowing for reasonable wear and tear), and all utility bills are settled and all rent is paid.

Your deposits are registered with an authorised  Government agency, and once your deposit has been registered you will receive confirmation in the form of a Deposit Certificate.

Why do you ask for a Parent/Guardian Guarantor?

All tenants are required to provide a UK-based guarantor. A guarantor (usually a parent or guardian) agrees to pay your rent if you are unable to. Due to a student’s age and employment status, we require a guarantor for all tenants. This is standard practice with student rental properties.

Any tenant unable to provide a UK based guarantor will be required to pay the full annual rent in advance of moving in, or provide a guarantor through a bank. However, we are flexible and below are options we offer for payment should you wish to proceed with the rental.

  1. Payment for the annual rent in full, payable in advance of tenancy start date on 1st April
  2. Two equal payments, payable in advance of tenancy start date. First payment date 1st April, second payment date 1st October.
  3. Three equal payments payable in advance of tenancy start date. First payment date 1st April, second payment date 1st August, third payment date 1st December

We would also still require the tenancy deposit of one months rent as our normal terms and conditions once you apply for the tenancy. Please contact us and let us know which option you would prefer regarding payment.

Are you a member of the Durham Student Housing Accreditation Scheme?

Yes we are a member of the Durham Student Housing Accreditation Scheme. All of our properties have up to date Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Safety Certificates and Energy Performance Certificates maintained by approved tradesmen.


Rent is charged monthly in advance. To get the monthly rent you multiply the weekly rent by 52 and then divide by 12. You pay this on the first of each month via standing order.

What date can I move in? 

The term of our Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements is 12 months. For all of our properties the tenancy start date is the 01 July, and the tenancy end date is the 30th June the following year.

Are your houses cleaned before we move in?

Absolutely, we aim to get all properties professionally cleaned within a week or so of the hand over.

What bills do I have to pay?

These are shown on each property page and are outlined within your tenancy agreement.

Do I need to pay Council Tax?

Properties where all the occupants are full-time students will be exempt. You may be asked to produce a certificate giving evidence of your student status.

How do I contact my Landlord?

If you have any questions or a problem while in the property you can call, email, or text us. We also set up dedicated WhatsApp groups for each property to allow quick and easy communication.

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