Lease Agreement


Joint and Several Liability

Tenants will be joint and severally liable for the total rent of each property and not just a portion of the rent.  This means that if one of the tenants does not pay their rent, we are entitled to seek payment of that rent from any of the other tenants or all of them or the individuals guarantor as we see fit. If you need further information on this or any other regard regarding the tenancy agreement, we recommend that you take independent legal advice.

View copy of Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Guarantor Guarantee Form

All tenants are required to provide a UK-based guarantor. The guarantor agrees to pay the rent and any other unpaid charges in the event of the tenant being unable to do so. Any tenant unable to provide a UK based guarantor will be required to pay the full annual rent in advance of moving in, or provide a guarantor through a bank. Please speak to us as we are flexible to overseas students circumstances and requirements.

We always ensure that we have guarantors for all our tenants on the agreement, and therefore although the liability is joint and several all other guarantors and tenants are in the same position.

View copy of Guarantee


There are many things to consider when looking for a property during your student years. We at Students4houses hope that this Questions section will be able to answer your questions. If you have any further queries please feel free to get in contact with us directly. Read more



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